A book by Nancy Duarte, on presenting visual stories that transform audiences. I dream of a business world where all presenters are living by Nancy Duarte’s Rules to Resonate. We would be inspired by captivating ideas of others all the time. Nancy is truly convincing in showing the reader how to connect to their audience empathetically, by using stories in presenting.

Reading this book inspired me not to wait any longer to start my own storytelling business, understanding how much ambassador work still needs to be done and feeling a lot of energy to share these ideas with my own audience!

The book is very visual, as you would expect from the owner of a top design firm. It is beautifully done, with great pictures, quotes, graphics, wrap-ups, colours, case studies, tools and links to the web for enrichment.

As an engineer by education, I love structure and rules. The book gives me structure to analyse and understand presentations better, it gives me rules to ponder about, but most of all, it gives me inspiration to go and communicate my own ideas passionately.

These are the nine rules for you to think about:

Rule #1 Resonance causes change

Rule #2 Incorporating story into presentations has an exponential effect on outcomes

Rule #3 If a presenter knows the audience’s resonant frequency and tunes to that, the audience will move

Rule #4 Every audience will persist in a state of rest unless compelled to change

Rule #5 Use the big idea to filter out all frequencies other that the resonant frequency

Rule #6 Structure is greater than the sum of its parts

Rule #7 Memorable Moments are repeated and retransmitted so they cover longer distances

Rule #8 Audience interest is directly proportional to the presenter’s preparation

Rule #9 Your imagination can create a reality

So, be quick, grab a copy of Resonate and go transform your world! Let me know what you think of it.

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